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Our workshops 2021 will be shortly announced. Stay Tuned!

Workshops 2020


Pitching is not just a means to an end – it is how you communicate your story, share your passion and the way in which you constantly continue to better understand your business. McKinsey gave the participants handy tools and helpful advice on how to make the START Hack Judges fall in love with their product.

Fichier 3-3

You have drafted a great UI/UX design and are now questioning yourself how to transform everything into Code. Julian Willner from Pickar.ai showed the participants several tools and processes to make the translation easier, faster and more efficient.


Nearly every application relies on a database. Setting up a database can be tedious with many solutions. Not so, with MongoDB. The MongoDB team provided an overview on how to leverage their product to simply launch a process locally on your laptop or desktop, or run it even more simply in the cloud using MongoDB Atlas.

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