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Building Beyond Borders

We're uniting over 300 students from all over Europe in an effort to tackle global issues.


START Hack will be the launch platform for awakening entrepreneurial and technical talent.

Bridging the gap between Technology & Entrepreneurship


In the world of innovation, a successful team needs expertise in both technology and entrepreneurship. START Hack links participants from both worlds in order to create real and lasting change.

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Redefining the limits


You have 36 hours to find creative solutions to the most pressing issues that societies face today. Are you ready for Madness?

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Applying theory to practice


You have the opportunity to apply your theoretical knowledge to practice. No more flashcards; it's time for the real deal.

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Gaining actionable knowledge


Ever wondered how to design your own website? Or how to create a business? In our pre-Hack workshops, you learn about both Entrepreneurship and Coding in curriculums curated by leading experts in their industry.

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Networking that lasts


Participants join the heart of Europe's young entrepreneurial network. Are you ready to meet your Co-Founder?



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