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Building Beyond Borders

We're uniting over 300 students from all over Europe in an effort to tackle global issues.

Total prize pool (in CHF)

Bridging the gap between Technology & Entrepreneurship


In the world of innovation, a successful team needs expertise in both technology and entrepreneurship. START Hack links participants from both worlds in order to create real and lasting change.

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Redefining the limits


You have 36 hours to find creative solutions to the most pressing issues that societies face today. Are you ready for Madness?

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Applying theory to practice


You have the opportunity to apply your theoretical knowledge to practice. No more flashcards; it's time for the real deal.

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Gaining actionable knowledge


Ever wondered how to design your own website? Or how to create a business? In our pre-Hack workshops, you learn about both Entrepreneurship and Coding in curriculums curated by leading experts in their industry.

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Networking that lasts


Participants join the heart of Europe's young entrepreneurial network. Are you ready to meet your Co-Founder?



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